Many things happen every day in our company. While doing our routine work in the vineyards and at the winery, we also permanently strive to perfect and develop our company, to qualify our employees and to train our sales personnel, with one objective in mind, that has always remained unaltered since the foundation of the company until today - to be and to remain one of the major driving forces of Bulgaria's winemaking industry. 

LOVICO SUHINDOL Winery at London International Wine Fair 2010
LOVICO SUHINDOL Winery, in partnership with STAMBOLOVO WINERY, exhibited their wines at the prestigious London International Wine Fair. The...
The new rose vintage 2009 of LOVICO SUHINDOL released to the market
Eagerly anticipated by many wine-lovers, the new rose wine of vintage 2009 of LOVICO SUHINDOL is already available on the...
The KOTTA 299 terroir wine line enriched with a white wine
A new and natural addition was introduced to KOTTA 299 - one of LOVICO SUHINDOL’s most successful lines. KOTTA 299 is a line...
New awards for LOVICO SUHINDOL at VINARIA 2010 Wine Fair
The wines of LOVICO SUHINDOL received new awards. At Vinaria 2010, which was recently held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), we won 7 awards – 4...
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Yet another award at a prestigious Balkan contest -
At the International Wine Contest Bucharest – IWCB 2017 which...
Winners of the game
Nothing fits on winter evenings as a glass of good wine - if you...