LOVICO SUHINDOL winery is the direct successor to the oldest vine-growing and winemaking cooperative on the Balkans, founded in 1909. At present our company is one of the leading driving forces of Bulgarian winemaking. The annual production capacity exceeds 5 million litres. Approximately 50 per cent of our total production of wine is exported.

LOVICO SUHINDOL winery is located in the Northern vine-growing region of Bulgaria and is specialized in the production of high-quality white and red wines. Our wine assortment covers a very wide range of products - starting from mass table wines, varietal and blended wines, reserve type wines and up to special selection wines. A rich collection of collectors' and oenotheque wines from the best vintages from the foundation year to-date is kept in the winery's century-old cellars.


LOVICO SUHINDOL winery is a part of the North Wine Route in Bulgaria. The winery avails of an in-situ Wine Museum of our company's winemaking history and of the viticultural traditions in the Suhindol region. We are also a pioneer in wine-tasting tourism and have been active in this sector for the last few decades.  


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