Many things have changed in our winery since the first grape harvest back in 1909.


At present the our winery operates modern equipment for processing white and red grapes, and it shows in the quality of the wines we create. Occupying an area of 6 hectares, our winery has an average annual production of more than 5 million litres, and our total vessel capacity is more than 15 million litres. Along with the traditional reinforced concrete tanks, new stainless steel vinificators and storage tanks of different capacity were introduced, to allow active control of all processes. In 2007, two new blast-flushing vinificators - some of the first of this kind in Bulgaria, were introduced. Currently the winery awails of 3 bottling lines.


Apart from these modern-time apparatuses, a real challenge to our oenologists' art of winemaking are the winery’s old wooden storage casks, made of Strandzha Mountain oak, with capacities between 5000 and 21000 litres each. Being more than 90 years old now, they are still in active use in our cellars.


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