Driven by our constant ambition to create excellent wines, we combine the soil conditions with the specific regional microclimate, to cultivate some of the best grapes in Bulgaria.


LOVICO SUHINDOL manages around 300 ha of own vineyards in the region of Suhindol, located north of the Forebalkan Ridge in the southern part of the Danube Plain. The terrain is of plain–hilly–platform type, with slightly elevated polyfacial surface. The vine massifs occupy slope sectors of southern, south-eastern and eastern exposition, with inclination of 2 to 6 degrees and altitudes of 230 to 350 metres above sea level.


The geological foundation of the territory is one of lower cretaceous and clayish mergels. The soil-forming components are carbonates, sandy loam and clay deposits. The soil cover consists of strongly and slightly leached black earth - mildly eroded and slightly clayish.


The soil and air temperature characteristics are among the leading advantages of Suhindol as viticulture is regarded. In terms of climate this region falls within the European continental climatic area on Bulgarian territory; and more specificly in the Danube Hilly Plain climatic zone. The warmest months are July and August, the lowest temperatures are in January.


The most substantial rainfalls are between end of spring (May) and early summer (June-July). The total annual rainfall volume of 611 mm/m² is extremely favourable for viticulture. From agroclimatic point of view the vineyards fall within the moderately hot temperature subrange (from 3700°C to 4100°C annually) with a dry period. The temperature sum for the period with temperatures above 10°C is 3775°C in total.



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