In 2009 LOVICO SUHINDOL Winery formally marked 100 years since its foundation. In its long history the winery has won hundreds of prestigious awards, medals of distinction and diplomes at international wine fairs and contests in Bulgaria and abroad. All of them are true recognitions of the outstanding quality of our wines and the skill and professionalism of generations of oenologists and winemakers. Our company is a 7-times winner of the highest professional award for winemaking in Bulgaria - the Golden Rhyton. The very last of them was awarded to us at VINARIA 2009 Wine Fair in Plovdiv in the Category "Red Wines of Old Vintages" for our wine Lovico 100 Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.


The turbulences and historic twists and turns of more than 100 years of winemaking at LOVICO SUHINDOL have to a large extent eroded the memories and traces of a substantial number of those old awards. The full list of the rest, which have been preserved in our keeping or archives, may be downloaded here.


awards and distinctions of LOVICO SUHINDOL

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