Being a company of over a 100 years of winemaking tradition, we take pride in the thousands of wines that have been created in the course of all this time by our cellar masters. For our wines we use most of the traditional grape varieties of the Old World, as well as some typical and emblematic Bulgarian grape varieties such as Gamza and Mavrud.

In the last several years we are reviving the old tradition of Suhindol region to produce high-quality limited-edition wines, created by using a special technological scheme. These wines are then matured in French and American oak barrels, and then in the bottle. Such are the wines in our LS RESERVE line.

We are also truly proud of the variety of our wine lines, which we do constantly enrich and develop. Our entry level selections start with fine table and varietal wines such as Lovico line. In mid-level range we have remarkable wines with outstanding price-quality ratio. Fine examples in this respect are the elegant and complex wines in our new SUHINDOL line, where classical and modern winemaking techniques have been skillfully applied to create the perfect harmony of two grape varieties, as well as our unique terroir wines from the KOTTA 299 series.

For the connoisseurs are our high-end selection wines, which fall within the finest top-class examples of Bulgarian winemaking art and have won many international awards and medals of distinction. The top wines in our Highline selection are LIN 53 - a coupage wine from our vineyards' main grape breeds and LOVICO 100 - a superb wine that was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our winery.