LOVICO 100 Cabernet Sauvignon
LOVICO 100 Cabernet Sauvignon

At the turn of the 19th century, the winemakers of old knew that many factors had to be combined in order to produce a wine of distinction. This wine was created to commemorate 100 years since the establishment of the first vine-growing and winemaking cooperative in the Balkans by the Suhindol-based oenologist Marko Vachkov back in 1909.

The idea behind the creation of LOVICO 100 was to select perfect grapes from the best vine-growing regions of Bulgaria, demonstrating the character and completeness of Bulgarian wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Suhindol region (25 per cent in the blend), being exceptionally fresh and aromatic due to the cooler local climate, complement in a unique way the Cabernets harvested from Ilindentsi (55 per cent) and Chirpan (20 per cent) regions. The twelve months of ageing in American and French barriques contribute to the exquisite bouquet and structure of this wine.

The nobility and elegance of LOVICO 100 will further develop in the bottle in the next 5 years. This wine is suitable for ageing in oenotheques.


vintage 2009
750 ml
alc. 14 % vol.


vintage 2007
1500 ml
alc. 14 % vol.





Vinaria 2010 (Plovdiv)

Gold Medal and Grand Diplome of Honour

Vintage 2008

Vinaria 2009 (Plovdiv)

Golden Rhyton

Vintage 2007



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